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Vehicle Wraps Deliver Value!

vehicles3Businesses with vehicle wraps large and small are driving their branding strategy with vehicle graphics. What was once a differentiating tactic for new and small companies is now becoming a great marketing tool for larger and more established companies.


Vehicle wraps create visibility in the market place and develop significant brand awareness from outdoor advertising. For example, if a company has a new or developing product or service to promote, such as Subway with their new mobile phone California App that pre-orders food and possible delivery to your place, then a wrapped car provides an ideal media to obtain significant visibility. The Subway California App has allowed stores to increase the number of daily orders and customers. Many customers like the ability to order and pay in advance and then pick up their order with no wait time. Stores have also been able to expand their reach into the delivery market as well as the ability to drop off orders to schools, beaches and hospitals.


The full car wrap itself must drive new business streams and pay for itself within a measurable period of time. In the case of Subway in Laguna Beach, the introduction of the Subway California App together with the vehicle wrap has allowed the store to outpace the rest of the market with double digit growth when compared to last year. The Smart car concept has allowed increased customer awareness of the delivery service and the App has facilitated the processing of delivery orders resulting in amazing growth for the business.

Caliber Signs and Imaging has helped Subway to extend their brand beyond the storefront. It gets further reach into the community, and will keep their brand logo as fresh in the minds of its clients as it does with its own sandwiches.


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