Caliber will help you take the guesswork out of buying a sign so your business can flourish. By placing your confidence in us and following our proven process called “The Caliber Difference”, you will benefit from outstanding signage and an improved brand image. Learn all about us here and how can we serve you?

Who We Are

Caliber Signs and Imaging is a full-service sign company that can handle any project large or small for interior and exterior signs. Our perspective is highly customer-focused with over 10 years of experience creating signs for satisfied clients and over 20 years of experience in business management; we see ourselves as qualified enough to act as an extension of your marketing or project team. We ask you to allow us the opportunity to earn your trust, become part of your team, and deliver on our commitment. 

Ask anyone that has partnered with us; we are truthful, honest, and communicate well. It’s just how we prefer to run a business. Our team of professionals operate under the OSHA/IIPP safety program, we hold a Green Certificate for environmental sustainability, and we hold a valid contractor’s license to operate under state regulations and ensure everything is to code and to protect the rights of the customer. 

Signage is a very visual trade. It requires a company to have very creative juices, the perspective and patience of the client, a willingness and knowledge to show samples, to provide a wide gamut of material options, and the foresight to work out the most optimally priced custom solutions. Combine this with the latest technology in sign-making equipment and a motivated team of professionals who do their very best for you, we promise to Display Your Brand fantastically. 

Our Purpose & Passion

To bring value to all our customers!

About Us Caliber Signs and Imaging
Caliber Signs and Imaging Office Wall Mural

The Caliber Difference 

It takes three ‘uniques’ to set a business apart from its competitors. This is a term we use for differentiators. Most companies when asked, ‘What differentiates you from your competitors’ will reply something like ‘service’ or ‘integrity’ or ‘fast delivery times’. While we feel all sign suppliers should have these merits, they don’t truly differentiate or, for that matter, are not really unique. That’s why we recommend reading our entire about us page to gain a full understanding of what we do. 

At Caliber, we believe to truly stand out from the crowd, we need to have three unique differentiators that customers fully identify with and together these three uniques identify us and set us apart. 

Our Three Uniques:

  1. Referral Based Business
    • There is no better compliment than to get a referral that leads to more business, but this is how we model our business. 
  2. Highly Dependable
    • We have built a reputation on doing what we said we would do, creating signs to a high-quality standard at fair prices, and working within our customer’s time schedule, not our own. We really want to make our client’s lives easier.
  3. Project Management
    • Each and every inquiry gets assigned to a project manager, meaning they are customer-focused not product-focused. They are trained to seek what you need, provide you a quote, design a proposal, manage its production, and to coordinate installation. These benefits are consistently communicated via a single point of contact that results in outstanding satisfaction. No other company works this way. 

Caliber Signs and Imaging Installation Truck

Our Core Values

Caliber Signs Imaging Core Values Circles

Our Guarantee

We pledge to satisfy your every signage need!

Why Choose Caliber

We call you back!

Did not hear back from the last sign company you contacted? Not only will we be prompt to call you back, but our team is also here to legitimately help you. Our about us mantra is to operate with your perspective in mind. You will find us responsive, dependable, and friendly too. 

We are a referral-based business

Customers like us because we are responsive, we communicate throughout the process, we follow up and we do what we said we would do. We don’t take referrals lightly but we do want to earn your trust.

We really do care

What is important to you is important to us. Every sign can have an impact. We have a passion for branding; let us be part of your brand story and develop a caring long-term relationship. 

Our quality process

Our own brand name stems from a promise that we pledge to satisfy your every signage need. We have a proven process in place that differentiates us from other players and provides a strong framework to ensure our employees deliver quality products and services time and time again.

Professional & experienced

You can expect a professional service and at Caliber because our reputation depends on it. Our people and processes are trained to be dependable, purposeful, and respectful. That’s just the way we are.  Our team has collectively 55 years of experience in project management and sales & marketing to work alongside your management and marketing team efficiently and productively. 

Fair pricing & value

Intangibles such as design revisions, set-up, and consultancy are not reflective of our pricing but are very much part of our service. Our raw material suppliers are the very best in the industry and any efficiencies we may have integrated into our systems are passed on to repeat clients. This is why customers say we offer great value through exceptional service. We are committed to your complete satisfaction with products priced competitively. We will not let you down. 

We get it done

We’ll take the hassle factor of ordering a sign away from you. We shall manage the project, provide you with choices at a reasonable price, and let you know when it will be completed on time. We go above and beyond to get it done.

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Caliber Signs and Imaging Car Wrap In Process