Caliber Signs Irvine Wall Murals

Construction Wall Murals Can Add A Touch Of Class!

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-1The Irvine Marriott Hotel approached us to wrap a bland construction partition wall. The hotel has been going through extensive renovation and wanted to limit the exposure of the construction from noise and dust for their guests, by building a partition wall for an extended period of time. The hotel manager went above and beyond. He wanted to improve the experience for the hotel guests during the build-out phase, which was to last another 3-4 months.


The Irvine Marriott knew us from the bus fleet wrap project that we completed for them just months earlier. See Shuttle Bus Wrap project.

They approached us with the architect’s drawings and rendering of the exact area that was being renovated; the bar area, and the lounge with a homely warm glowing fireplace. First we had to measure the wall and create a template. Then we imported the architect’s TIFF file and created a new layout to make it fit to a different scale; 9′ high and 30′ long at full scale. To be honest, the resolution was not great, but it printed well enough at full size. To ensure the hotel management knew ahead of time how the image would look, we printed a full size sample sheet to hang on the wall to first show the image quality, and second to get their approval to print the complete mural. The sample print was just a teaser for what was to come. They loved the image and decided to proceed.

We printed the graphic on 3MIJ40C print vinyl with 3M8519 laminate. The results were astounding. Today, as you enter the hotel into the lobby, the impact of vision is one of creating additional depth with this classy image. It provides an optimistic vision to those that know construction is under way, and to the guests that are unaware, the construction goes unnoticed.

It sure beats having a sign that reads, “Sorry for any inconvenience”.


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