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Combining Different Types Of Exterior Signs In Irvine CA

You do not have to stick with just one type of signage on the exterior of your building. In fact, it is rarely appropriate to use the same markers throughout your property. Sure, it is important to keep your branding consistent, but you can mix it up for visual appeal and to complement your surroundings. Eastland Financial realized this and contacted the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging when combining different types of exterior signs in Irvine, CA.



Located on El Toro Road in Lake Forest, Eastland Financial Corporation has been serving Southern California with mortgage products and direct lending services for more than two decades. They fund, originate, service, and underwrite home mortgages and have a broad portfolio of first-time homebuyer programs and loan products. Their programs include adjustable-rate, fixed-rate, jumbo, VA, and FHA mortgages.

When a business that does so much to help area homebuyers came to us for help combining different types of exterior signs in Irvine, CA, we were more than willing to lend a hand. They wanted to identify their address and name using a simple panel. Plus, they wanted to get the attention of passersby with a raised letter sign featuring their branding. This was a piece of cake for our experts.



During our first meeting with Eastland Financial, we learned about their requirements for the project and what they hoped to achieve. We performed a site survey before sending them proofs of the designs. Once they approved of our plans for the job, we got down to work fabricating the new markers.

For the address and the simple name panel, we used raised white borders and letters on a dark brown panel to create a striking contrast. The primary identification sign incorporated Eastland’s custom branding and logo. We used dimensional PVC letters, which were standoff mounted to a panel for added dimensionality. Once the signs were ready, we installed them at a time that was convenient for the client. In the end, they were thrilled with the job we did.


We offer a seemingly endless list of exterior signs. Some of the types we get the most requests for include:

Cabinet Signs – When used as monument signs, mounted on poles, or installed on your building, cabinet signs are effective marketing tools.

Channel Letters – Channel letters come in both non-illuminated and illuminated styles. They can be customized to precisely match your company’s colors and typeface.

Post and Panel Systems – When it comes to directional, site identification, and wayfinding signage applications, post and panel signs are the ideal solution.

Raised Letters – The custom materials and designs available for these signs are long-lasting, sturdy, and can benefit businesses in any industry.

Monument Signs – Typically located along the road that goes by your venue, monument signs are excellent for directing clients to your complex.

These are just some of the solutions available to you when you contact Caliber Signs & Imaging. For a free consultation on what exterior signs are best for your enterprise, give us a call today.