ADA and Braille Signs in Orange County CA
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5 Facts You Need to Know About ADA and Braille Signs in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is the local sign studio with a thorough understanding of rules governing ADA and Braille signs in Orange County, CA. Does the sheer volume of intricate rules scare you? Entrust our experts to help with interior ADA sign compliance. Here are five facts you need to know today!

1. California Has Additional ADA Compliance Rules

ADA and Braille Signs in Orange County CA

As is the case with so many other advances, California was at the forefront of developing an accessible signage code. When you do business in the Golden State, the ADA signage you install in your office, storefront, or building must meet federal and state regulations. But, as with any ADA compliant sign, they must have backgrounds and characters that do not create any glare unless the signs are for parking.

2. You Need Two Different Bathroom Signs

California ADA Restroom Sign Examples

Caliber Signs offers bathroom signs in any color as well as signs for unisex or all-gender with the appropriate pictograms. Our Easy Reference Guide to ADA Signs answers more of your questions on California restroom signage.

To protect individuals there are codes written for the design, fabrication, and placement of interior and exterior signage outlined in detail under the 2010 ADA Standards for California. Request a copy of the code here.

3. All Signs Do Not Have to Be ADA-Compliant

Do I Need ADA Signs for My Business in Orange Counthy CA

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that there are limited numbers of signs that require compliance. These are wayfinding signs, bathroom signage, and permanent room labels. For example, your suite sign must comply with the ADA by featuring a specific numeral display and Braille II dots.

However, the actual name of the tenant does not have to comply. Other specific signs that the federal rules exempt include building directories, menus, temporary signs, and company names. The bottom line is this, if you are a small business of 15 or fewer employees or your business doesn’t cater to the public and classified as a “business accommodation,” then you may not need ADA compliant signs.

4. Installation Locations are Not Optional

Expert ADA and Braille Sign Shop

Some business owners have gone through the trouble of ordering customized ADA-compliant signs only to get into hot water over the installation. Rather than working with experts in the field, they decided to install the signs following personal preferences and interior décor aesthetics.

In contrast, the ADA requires that tactile signs at doors must be located along the latch side. If there is a double-door with an inactive half, the sign goes on this part. If both sides are active, the side goes to the right. Here, too, there are exemptions. It may be possible to install the side on the push side of a door if it does not have hold-open devices.

5. Working with Experts in the Design, Production, and Installation of ADA and Braille Signs in Orange County, CA, Makes Sense

ADA EVAC Maps in Orange County CA

Have you been thinking of ordering generic ADA-compliant signs? Are you wondering whether your maintenance crew could just read up on the mounting regulations and handle the install? When you work with Caliber Signs & Imaging technicians, you know that you get the right products.

While generic signs are lower in price, the range of signs is very limited and the only colors available are blue and black. At Caliber, we specialize in all types of ADA signs in any color. We can even include your branding on the signage we fabricate.

Besides that, there are other advantages.

  • Full compliance. Braille II dots call for specific heights (0.025) and spacing between individual elements. Our technicians know how to design a sign so that it meets these requirements.
  • Expert installation. Our professional installers understand that measuring for installation heights means gauging the distance between the lowest tactile character and the top of the finished floor. If you have multiple flooring products in place, we customize the installation for each surface.
  • Brand-focused design. You already know that the law requires a specific color contrast. However, it does not limit you from incorporating your brand colors in the plan whenever possible. Our team works with you on putting together signs that include your unique color play.

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around Orange County, including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. Connect with us today by calling (949) 748-1070.

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