Vinyl Wall and Window Safety Signs in Orange County CA

Workplace Safety Signs and Solutions in Orange County CA

Workplace safety signs and solutions in Orange County, CA, are required in industrial places, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. However, there are some times when you might also need them in warehouse stores, fulfillment centers, and anywhere else that customers, staff members, and machinery interact.

Below is just a summary of some of the workplace safety signs we offer. We also have a Free Guide to Workplace Safety Signs you can download!

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Anti-Slip Floor Signs

Anti slip floor signs for workplaces and warehouses

You have seen anti-slip signs in stores where they are used as advertising floor graphics. In the workplace, these floor signs communicate critical messages to staff members. Typically, they come in 12 and 18 diameters and are scratch-resistant.

Workplace Signs and Solutions in Orange County CA


  • Safety reminders. Anti-slip floor signs communicate safety reminders that tell workers to wear safety glasses, safety shoes, hard hats, and other specialty gear. Other safety reminders include social distancing floor graphics.
  • Forklift/pedestrian safety. When staff members share the floor with forklifts and other machines, it makes sense to remind them of the traffic. Concurrently, remind drivers that they may encounter pedestrians at any time. Choose specialty stickers to direct traffic, pallet stacking, and areas to keep free from boxes and storage.
  • Equipment markers. Highlight the spaces where you place the eyewash station, a first aid kit, or material storage.

Warehouse and Workplace Wall Signs

Office Restroom Signs in English and Spanish Orange County CA

Repeat any safety notices you may have introduced via anti-slip floor decals with the display of workplace wall signs. These are messages that support the operations of your venue, as well as standard safety warnings. Examples include statements such as “Stop,” “Fire Extinguisher,” or “Danger.” Depending on your facility, these signs come in three different displays.

Fire Extinguisher and Exit Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

  • PVC. Plastic is a good choice. It is durable and suitable for cleaning. Best of all, you can typically mount it with double-stick tape.
  • Vinyl. Sticky vinyl decals come with the glue built-in. They adhere to all types of substrates. Our clients typically order these kinds of stickers for use inside or on machines.
  • Aluminum composite. For indoor and outdoor use, you will like the durability of aluminum. Install these signs with screws or standoffs.

Vinyl Wall/Window Signs

Vinyl Wall and Window Safety Signs in Orange County CA

Peel and stick signs are popular when you need to outfit areas for temporary receiving, special events, training sessions, or while reconfiguring your space. These vinyl signs have a matte surface and come in several sizes. Choose one that is as big as 18 inches by 18 inches or as small as six inches by six inches.

  • COVID-19 signs. These wall or window signs remind anyone entering of your mask mandate, highlight the area for the temperature check, and may outline specific rules about staying home.
  • Hygiene. Frequently, business owners will place these signs in bathrooms on mirrors, walls, or doors to remind staff members to wash their hands.
  • Customer-facing signs. Take the guesswork out of the equation and let customers know whether you are open for business. In some cases, the consumer may not realize that your warehouse location doubles as a retail outlet.

Janitorial Signage

Janitorial Signage and Cleaning Carts in Orange County CA

Keep the janitorial closet, storage, and cart organized. Concurrently, communicate safety messages for new-hires and those who might not handle the cleaning solutions every day.

Mobile Cleaning Carts for Offices in Orange County CA

  • Cleaning station. The ultimate sign to encourage the orderly return of cleaning supplies is the tool storage marker. It labels the hangers for various items and prevents clutter.
  • Cart graphics. Alert workers to the location of the sanitation carts you keep on the floor. These signs are large and help with hygiene in the workplace.

Sign Systems for Wall Mounting

Wall Mounted Saftey Signs and Posters in Orange County CA

Do you display posters in the workplace? These may be brand-focused, contain messages, label departments, or set the tone for productivity. Framing the posters protects them from wear and looks neat.

  • Standard poster frame. No matter the size of the poster, there is a frame for it. The parts snap open and allow for easy signage changes. Colors include silver and black. Some models accommodate ceiling-suspension with the addition of hanging clip slides.
  • Lightbox frame. These frames are only about an inch thick. They will not obstruct your aisles. However, they let you display LED-backlit images that look sharp and add pizzazz to the space.
  • Slim poster frame. The slim frame looks a lot like a contemporary lithograph setup. However, you would use them for push-fit fabric graphics that are quickly gaining in popularity.

Aisle and Dock Door Signs

Aisle and Dock Numbers and Letters for Warehouses

Keep inventory simple by marking your aisles. Staff members have an easy time finding the products they need or putting away the incoming orders. Material choices include PVC and aluminum.

  • Double-sided numerals. There is no confusion when you mark shelves with double-sided numbers. For long aisles, add multiple signs.
  • Double-sided lettering. For a more intricate numbering system, some companies have to introduce letters alongside numerals.
  • Single-sided dock signs. Name the docks as needed. These single-sided signs attach to the dock walls or doors. We recommend placing duplicate signs on the outside, too.

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your source for customized workplace safety signs. Opt for a standard presentation of the messages or make these signs brand-centric by including your company’s name, logo, and any information others need to know. Call us today at 949-748-1070 or email us at [email protected].

Download Our Free Guide to Workplace Safety Signs 1