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Westcliff University Adds Lobby Sign And Vinyl Graphics To Campus In Irvine CA

3d-letteringWhen you are opening a new location for your organization, there are several aspects to take into consideration before you are ready for the general public. All of the appropriate office equipment must be in place. Your computers and internet connection need to be running smoothly. And, of course, you have to make sure that all of the right signage is installed. Westcliff University recognized this, so they contacted the experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for lobby signs for universities in Irvine, CA.


Located on Campus Drive in Irvine, Westcliff University is a relatively new school that focuses on educating overseas students. Their goal is to supply top quality learning opportunities for students who want to enter the fields of Education and Business. Since 1993, they have offered a curriculum consisting of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs along with other certificate programs.

When an organization that does such an outstanding job of preparing our future educators and business people came to us for signage at their new location, we jumped at the chance to help. Westcliff had just bought a new property close to the University of California-Irvine campus and needed reception area signs and etched vinyl graphics for conference rooms in Irvine, CA.


westcliffAfter an initial consultation that involved a site survey, we suggested that Westcliff paint the wall where the lobby sign was to hang a deeper shade of blue to provide a good contrast with the colors found in the sign. We then went to work creating the reception area sign using one inch thick foam with acrylic faces. Foam is an incredibly versatile material that has taken the signage industry by storm, and acrylic faces are durable and add a glossy look. Together, they form a nice dimensionally balanced marker. We then installed the new signage for maximum impact.

In addition, we reproduced their logo in etched vinyl for the glass of the conference room. Etched vinyl is always a smart choice when you want an elegant appearance. Plus, we printed out posters with Westcliff’s mission statement on them. In the end, they were happy with how we transformed their new space with top quality signage.


In the rush to open to the public, it is easy to forget important details, such as getting reception area signs that welcome new clients and build your brand. Any new business, even if it is just a new location, can raise suspicions in consumers, since they do not have a relationship with you yet. One way to build trust is with lobby signs.

But, how can a simple sign do that? It is all about brand recognition. Experts agree that through repetitively seeing logos and messages, people begin to recognize a particular brand. And, as they become familiar with a brand, they are likelier to trust the business. One way to get your brand in front of people’s eyes more often is with lobby signs.

Do you have a new place that needs top quality signage? If so, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote and consultation.