Suite and Door Signs are room labels. As such, they identify the office, tenant or person who occupies that room. Suite signs also label other office rooms such as conference rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. They need to be clean, easily understood signage with a tailored look for your business. It is essential to maintain a consistent look throughout the office when mounting nameplates. At Caliber Signs and Imaging, we strive to supply you with customized door signs perfect for any business so that your customers always know they are in the right place.

Effective suite signs save time and money. Knowing the name of a suite or location minimizes confusion. As a result of having suite signs, employees know where they are and won’t waste time looking for the location of a meeting. Also, visitors have a better sense of where they are and will feel more at ease.

The Right Suite Signs for You – Mounting Options

Using secure mounting techniques are vital in making sure your company’s guests don’t become confused with your unfamiliar office layout. It is important to have both standout signage, as well as a sign that won’t become dislodged from their mounted positions. With Caliber Signs and Imaging, we offer a variety of mounting methods including magnetic, Velcro, screw mounts, and adhesive backing. If you have offices that are shared by multiple employees, then Velcro or magnetic-backs are a viable choice to interchange the proper nameplates. In contrast, with a conference room, for example, a more permanent mounting option is needed like screw mounts or adhesive.

There is also the customization of your sign with graphics featuring your company’s brand. If you need to meet ADA and Braille requirements, we can help you meet those demands, as well. No matter the suite or door sign, we are here to cater to your businesses needs. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate on your signage needs, give us a call at Caliber Signs and Imaging. We would love to set up a time to make a plan for your perfect sign package.


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