EVAC Maps for property managers in Orange County CA

South Coast Plaza Benefits from Property Management Signs for Malls in Costa Mesa CA!

South Coast Plaza is one of the most popular shopping centers in SoCal. Located at 3333 Bristol Street in the OC, it is your destination for upscale retailers like BALENCIAGA, Fendi, and Gucci. Our sign assisted the operators by putting together suitable property management signs for malls in Costa Mesa, CA.

ADA Compliance with Style


ADA and Braille Signs for Facility Managers in Costa Mesa CA

Complying with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is a requirement of places open to the public. In the past, signage designed for this purpose was utilitarian. Frequently, it was in black and white squares. In upscale locales such as this mall, these types of signs would be entirely out of place.

ADA and Braille Signs for Property Managers in Orange County CA

Property management signs for malls in Costa Mesa CA

For this project, therefore, we did something different that would give the signage an edgy look, even though the style elements are in full compliance. A good example is the “Elevator Equipment” sign that features the white-on-black spelling along with the Braille II right underneath the lettering. However, this sign also has a 3D appeal, which comes due to the gray tone underneath the black surface.

Elevator Signs in Costa Mesa CA

In case of fire signs in Costa Mesa AZ


Moreover, we were careful to add curvatures to these signage products. See the “Exit Route” sign that looks a little like a speech bubble. Even the EVAC map has a curvature on one side. Even so, the information is clear to read, easy to notice, and perfectly suitable to fulfill its purpose.

Manufacturing Details Matter

Stairway Signs for malls in Orange County CA


Look closely at the “Exit Stair Up” sign. When you see it from the side, you notice that it is a solid three-dimensional panel. Moreover, the edges are rounded, which matches perfectly with the rounding of the board. The lettering with its crisp edges and straight lines creates a visually attractive counterpoint.

Another exciting feature is the white on black symbol for the fire extinguisher sign. We did not place any lettering on the sign that we manufactured in the form of a blade marker. However, we used black hardware to mount the blade to heighten the contrast between the black sign and the white wall. It gives the product a chic look that fits in well with the mall’s overall atmosphere.

Caliber Signs & Imaging Specializes in Local Rules, Including ADA Requirements

Restroom Directional Signs in Orange County CA

Examples of Restroom Signs for California

The federal government governs ADA rules. However, in California, there are more stringent state rules in play. Therefore, businesses must abide by both regulations. This is the case with bathroom signs. You will notice that the blade sign overhead fits in well with the other products. The sign on the door meets the shape and mounting height rules. The sign next to the door is also at the correct height, showing the brand-building curvature.

Discussing Your Next Property Management Signage Project with the Experts

EVAC Maps for property managers in Orange County CA

Whether you need ADA-compliant property management signs for malls in Costa Mesa, CA, need suite numbers for an office building, or are looking for ways to build your location’s brand, we can help. Connect with our graphic artist to discuss the design details that will help you stand apart from others in the same niche. Call us today!

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