COVID-19 Sneeze Guards Help Maintain Social Distancing

COVID 19 Sneeze Guards for Orange County CA

Doing business today requires extra steps to keep customers and employees protected. Customized sneeze guards are an excellent method for creating a physical barrier that shields both sides from viruses and exposure to germs. Caliber Signs & Imaging has the expertise to fabricate Sneeze Guards for COVID-19.

Crystal-Clear Acrylic is a Discreet Investment in Safety

Portable Sneeze Guards for Irvine and Orange County CA

Clear acrylic looks just like a glass panel but does not shatter as easily. About an eighth-of-an-inch thick, it creates an effective barrier between individuals as your staff members assist customers with their transactions. We’re offering two standard sizes: 30″x30″ and 42″x30″. These sneeze guards are available in 1/8-inch or 1/4 inch thickness.

Height and Cutout Customizations for Your Product

How tall does the product need to be to meet your needs? Some clients request desk to ceiling sneeze guards that shield clerks from anything on the other side of the room. Optional bank slots make it possible for the parties to exchange money or documents.

Choose an Installation Method That Complements Your Interior Décor

Our sneeze guards are must-dos for bank slots, desk and cubicle areas, retail counters, reception desks, lobbies, dry cleaners, checkout and cashier areas, or just about any location where an employee must communicate closely with a client.

Have you reconfigured the ways that consumers are interacting with your brand and personnel? Depending on any changes you have made, you will have different sneeze guard needs. For some settings, a permanent installation of a desk-to-ceiling setup will become essential. We gladly frame the product with brushed aluminum and mount it to walls or furnishings.

Other companies are now selecting portable sneeze guards. When you do not operate every service window or meeting desk at the same time, there is no need to buy extra guards. Instead, commission your acrylic shield with a solid stand that safely places the product between your employee and the customer.

Personalization Maintains a Welcoming Environment

At first glance, the acrylic sneeze guard might appear as an impersonal element. However, social distancing regulations make it necessary. Therefore, Caliber Signs & Imaging experts recommend the personalization with etched and frosted vinyl lettering. Welcome customers, thank them for waiting or add other messages that create an instant rapport.

Suitable for a Broad Range of Settings

Protect cashiers, order takers, receptionists, and medical intake specialists with an acrylic barrier.

Caliber Signs & Imaging assists the business communities in and around San Clemente, Irvine, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, and Riverside. We offer quick turnaround times but encourage our clients to place their orders soon.