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Proove Biosciences Shows Off Their “DNA” With Exterior And Interior Corporate Signage!

When you are opening up a new location, you want to get everything just right, including the signage. There are certain challenges that some sign companies will shy away from. Fortunately, we enjoy a good challenge. Proove Biosciences found this out when they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for a corporate lobby sign in Irvine, CA.



Based in Southern California and established in 2009, Proove Biosciences is a leader in personalized pain medicine. They improve prescribing decisions by providing important information. They give answers to physicians’ biggest concerns by supplying proprietary genetic tests that identify how a patient will metabolize their medications, whether they are complying with therapy, and their risk for dependence, misuse, and tolerance to medications.

When an organization that is providing such a valuable service for medical patients across the country came to us for exterior corporate building signs in Irvine, CA, we got right down to work. Proove was opening a new head office on Alton Parkway and medical laboratory on Technology Drive East in Irvine. They were referred to us by the Irvine Company, which focuses on real estate development. They needed us to fabricate and install illuminated building signs on each building as well as an immense lobby sign for the head office. Fortunately, they contacted the right people!


Proove’s logo is quite unique and “proved” to be a bit of a challenge. The “oo” in their name is designed to look like the double helix – kind of like a twisted ladder – of the DNA structure. Our challenge was to take this logo and engineer it into a three-dimensional sign letter for each of the markers.


We constructed the exterior sign letters out of aluminum and used white LEDs to light the inside of each letter. We then applied gray perforated day/night vinyl to the faces of each letter to create the white light effect at night. As you can see, we nailed it.

The lobby sign presented a different challenge. Proove wanted it to take up an entire wall up the staircase near their entrance. We started with a sixteen-foot length of acrylic that had to be shipped in from Texas since no local suppliers manufactured anything that big. To provide depth to the marker, the letters were machine cut from a combination of 1/4″ and 1/8” acrylic. We produced a shadow effect by digitally printing the DNA bands. Then, due to its weight, it took six strong guys to lift the sign up the staircase and into place.


This was one of our favorite projects because of the satisfaction of seeing such a large interior sign become the “DNA” of Proove’s new building.

If your business is growing and expanding to new locations, we can help you out! We keep all of your artwork and graphics on file to make designing your new marker simple. We will custom fit your signage to fit your new venue. Plus, we even ship and install out of state. To get started, contact the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation!