COVID 19 Signs in Orange County CA
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Must-Have COVID-19 Signs Your Business Needs Now and When it Reopens!

Did you know that Caliber Signs & Imaging assists essential businesses with COVID-19 signs in Orange County CA? By relying on our in-house fabrication capabilities, we serve restaurants, offices, healthcare facilities, and retailers. Please note that we abide by all mandated social distancing guidelines during signage installation and offer curbside pickup for self-install products.


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Consider These COVID-19 Signs in Orange County CA

You are now doing business differently in the OC. Eat-in restaurants now support takeout, curbside pickup of orders, and deliveries. Grocery stores and other retailers make changes to checkout lines that facilitate social distancing. However, do your customers know what do expect? Most importantly, do you have a communication plan for the time when the state is open for business again? Our sign shop can help.

COVID 19 Signs in Orange County CA

Heavy-Duty Acrylic Sneeze Guards / Personal Protection Barriers

Grocery store workers and bank tellers want to see their customers. And they want to do it without facemasks. However, until this is possible, there is a need for sneeze guards that protect your staff members from potentially infected customers.

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We recommend the installation of heavy-duty clear acrylic sneeze guards that easily mount to desks, registers, and service windows. With space underneath the guard that allows for the exchange of goods and currency, we can add friendly welcome messages to the material with frosted vinyl. If you prefer, we can add your name and logo with full-color vinyl to the guard as well.

Personal Hygiene Signs for Employee Break Rooms, Bathrooms, and Lobbies

COVID 19 Safety Posters in Orange County CA

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus is the responsibility of customers and employees alike. Therefore, it is not unusual now to see hand-washing signage as well as social distancing warnings in all types of establishments. No longer just reserved for healthcare facilities, they assist customers with doing business the new way.

These signs are available on durable aluminum with attractive blue, white, and black printing. You might also exchange the blue tones for red if you prefer. All of the signs are available in English as well as English and Spanish bilingual versions. These COVID-19 signs can also be digitally printed to heavy-duty vinyl.

COVID 19 Social Distancing Signs and Graphics

With the next flu season beginning in a few short months, these signs will once again be relevant to customers and employees. Therefore, most companies will keep them in place indefinitely or until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

Vinyl Floor Graphics and Stickers Support Social Distancing

COVID 19 Social Distancing Floor Decals for Orange County CA

There are plenty of ways to introduce the topic to your consumer base. We recommend integrating your brand colors. Therefore, you might commission floor stickers that signal the safe distance between customers while waiting for the next available cashier.

If you now offer a drive-through or curbside pickup of your products, do not forget to alert your customers to this fact. Many business clients have had excellent success with customized A-frame signs.

Discuss Your Customized COVID-19 Signs in Orange County, CA, with Specialists

Because we understand that you need these signs now, we offer lightning-fast processing of your pandemic safety signage. Our team can assist you with the design of the products or work off sketches that you already have. Contact us today to place your order!

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