LED Office sign with electrical supply in Tustin CA
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LED Office Sign with Electrical Supply Brands Financial Firm in Tustin CA!

Located at 17822 East 17th Street, Warren Street Wealth Advisors, LLC empowers individuals to meet their future financial goals. Experts do so through the creation of a strong economic base and aggressive net worth protection. When this firm needed a unique LED office sign with electrical supply in Tustin, CA, its management team contacted our sign company for assistance.

Placing an Electrical Sign Where It Has a High Visual Impact

LED Office sign with electrical supply in Tustin CA

We worked with the financial firm’s management team to define the parameters of the project. The goal was to place an eye-catching halo-lit sign in the conference room. This sign had to impress by day and after dark. It was to become a signature sign of the office and encapsulate the brand message.

During our site survey, we noticed that there was no electrical supply in the target wall. Would this be a problem for us? No! We worked with our electrician to run the wiring exactly where we needed it to go. This professional hid the wiring behind the wall and above the ceiling tiles. Doing so allowed our installers to put the LEDs on a light switch.

LED Office Signs Tustin CA

At the shop, technicians fabricated white acrylic lettering. Half-inch-thick clear acrylic on the back closed off the lettering. Its transparency allows the light to escape and create a halo effect. To generate the right brand presentation, technicians used blue LEDs that emphasize the corporate palette.

During the day, the sign impresses with its white tones against the darker wall color. When the lights of the sign go on, each letter is bathed in a soft blue glow that reflects off the wall surface. The white of the lettering is still visible. It is an eye-catching appearance that impresses current and future customers alike.

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You might not need an LED office sign with electrical supply in Tustin, CA. Maybe there already is wiring in the space that you selected for your next signage setup. That said, even if there is not, we can most certainly have our electrician route the wiring where it needs to go. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation and site survey.

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