Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options

Channel letters are the most common type of sign used on buildings of businesses, churches, hospitals and organizations for exterior signage. They are custom-made individual letters, logo and numbers that are built to last for a decade or more. Channel letters are fabricated flat sheets of aluminium formed and welded, with plastic translucent faces made to fit the open face of the letter pan, lit usually with internal LED illumination. A trim cap border is applied to the edges to fasten the two surfaces together. If you are looking for a truly high-end look, Caliber Signs & Imaging is one of the few sign companies in the country to fabricate a trim-capless style of channel letter. They provide a nice cleaner finished appearance than versions with trim caps

Dimensional letters is a term used to describe any sign letter having a thickness that is visibly three-dimensional. They are good for inside and outside applications and may be illuminated or non-illuminated. Dimensional letters are a letter, logo or symbol fabricated in metal or solid plastic that protrudes from the flat surface of the sign giving it a three-dimensional effect.

To create an even more effective sign, consider either reverse or back-lit channel letters. Made similar to standard face-lit letters, a reverse channel letter has a solid face and an open back exposing the light source, which when powered, shines against the wall surface with a halo effect. With a combination of face-lit and back-lit signs, the letters are illuminated through the front face and the back at the same time. Choices of illumination for Dimensional Letters include Neon, LED, Halo-lit, and Backlit.

Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options
Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options


LED lighting has become more popular than neon for illuminated signs in recent years. LEDs are now available in a wider range of colors than in the past. For channel lettersLEDs can fit into smaller letters and tighter spaces than neon. Additionally, LEDs are more robust and not easily broken, whereas neon glass is very delicate and susceptible to damage. LED is also more energy efficient than neon and outlasts neon transformers. Neon lit signs can be upgraded to LED illumination by our team.


Lightbox Cabinets are constructed in a similar way as a channel letter, but are larger, may use a fluorescent lamp, and of course the front face of the box cabinet contains the graphic, company name, or message. Many cities no longer permit new signs to be constructed as a cabinet, though existing signs are grandfathered-in and may be refurbished. Push-Through letters are a popular alternative used mostly in monuments, marquee signs and wall signs. They offer more dimension than cabinets and are more cost effective than individual channel letters.

Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options
Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options


LED Message Boards not only are used to display outdoor temperature and time, but are also used to communicate community information in a very modern way by schools, universities, churches, and community organizations. Display features such as scrolling graphics and changing colors grab the attention of any passer-by. Messages are controlled by hand-held devices programmed with custom software.


Neon is the classic choice for lighting in certain environments such as pub signs, open-face channel letters and glitzy, flashing sign-types. They emit a very colorful light that is effective day or night. However, Neon Signs have become limited and today are actually banned by some cities.

Caliber Signs Irvine Illuminated Signs Options


  • Turnkey operation providing you with peace of mind the job will get done
  • C45 Contractor’s license to pull permits and legally manage projects
  • Consultation to help you interpret city codes and sign programs with Property Managers and Associations
  • Full sign specification drawings that meet city requirements
  • Permit application to city, including planning, and permit processing
  • Fabrication and installation of sign within reasonable timeframes
  • City sign inspection after the sign is installed
  • Free site survey
  • Continuous project updates and communication

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