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Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-Window-Wraps-25Hotel Marketing and Advertising has one main goal: To let travelers choose to stay at your property. Hotel Marketing in the United States is continuously evolving to meet changing customer expectations. Affordability of accommodations was the most important factor when selecting a hotel just 5 years back. Private travelers reduced their budget for vacations – or decided to have a “Stay-cation” at home. Companies reduced their travel budgets, and conference calls or video conferencing replaced travel wherever possible. Consequently room rates stayed low and to stay in business, hotels reduced what they offered. Fortunately for hotels and the travel industry, this has changed. And with the economy in the United States continuing to recover, what guests are looking for when deciding where to stay has evolved as well. To meet these changing expectations, hotels are changing the way they market to and communicate with their guests.


Today, location and amenities are the two leading factors. Business travelers want to choose a hotel that is conveniently located based on where they need to go, and provides meeting facilities on the premises. Providing meeting rooms, a business center, one or several restaurants, a bar, workout facilities, shops and a spa top the list of requirements travelers have.

When vacationing, guests want to stay as close as possible to the beach and local attractions and to be able to relax after a day of excursions at the hotel. A meal with the family at a great restaurant on the premises at any time is among the broad list of amenities which are becoming the standard once again.


Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-Window-Wraps-23In order to provide all the services that are once again required and in high demand, hotels have to complete a multitude of tasks.

First, if amenities are missing, hotel facilities need to be updated. And while in the past guests might have been willing to accept to walk by an open construction site, today they expect to enjoy their stay without interruption, visible construction, and dust.

Fortunately there are solutions for shielding your guests from the unpleasant view – and you can even increase awareness of what you will be providing in the future. Hotel Signage Specialists like Caliber Signs & Imaging in Orange County can provide you with an overview of what can be done to increase the attractiveness of construction projects and temporary walls. Wall-wraps and temporary artwork can brighten the look quickly, and floor-wraps can direct guests towards their rooms and other amenities without walking past the construction site. Hotel Marketing can take on a completely new shape and address your customers more effectively than ever – even while you are remodeling.


Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Murals-Window-Wraps-2After completing the updates, travelers and potential guests need to learn about the new amenities. How else will they prefer your hotel over the competition and talk about their great experience on social media?

To communicate what you have to offer, a sign company that specializes in Hotel Marketinglike Caliber Signs & Imaging can help you choose the most effective marketing solution for your property.

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Fine-Art-Posters-4Options to connect with guests range from on-site advertising like wall wraps, floor wraps, pop-up banners, new hotel signage and electronic displays to advertising on the outside of your hotel, like outside wall wraps, outside banners, window wraps, 3 dimensional exterior signs and top of building signage, and even includes advertising solutions for your vans, bus and shuttles.

If you are looking to market your hotel, or are interested in increasing awareness of what your property has to offer, contact your Hotel Marketing specialist at Caliber Signs & Imaging and see what we can do for you.