Name Plates for Cubicles in Orange County CA

Have Cubicles in Your Offices? These Name Signs for Cubicles Are Affordable and Easy to Install!

Name Plates for Cubicles in Orange County CA

Although open offices are all the rage right now, there are plenty of office managers who are returning to cubicles. Not only do they maximize the available floor space, but they also assist with social distancing at this time. Name signs for cubicles in Orange County, CA, imbue the areas with a professional look.

Clear Acrylic Cubicle Signs with Paper Inserts

Clear Acrylic Name Plates for Cubicles in Irvine CA

Budget-friendly, professional, and contemporary, these clear acrylic name tag holders fold over the top of the cubicle frame. The translucent acrylic has a sleek appearance that makes it easy to add the name of a new occupant. If you are on a hiring spree right at this time, these signs are ideal because they let you print out name tags right on your computer. Best of all, you might print them on letterhead to include your branding.

Extruded Sign Holders for Customizable Inserts

Name Plates for Cubicles in Irvine CA

Measuring two inches by ten inches, these frames come in black, satin silver, and gold. Therefore, they are sure to fit in perfectly with your current interior décor as well as the color of the cubicle walls. Best of all, these frames hold paper or card stock inserts that display the name of the occupant. Once again, the ease with which you can change the insert makes this an attractive product for the firm that may see plenty of new hires, upward mobility, or changes in the office layout.

Extruded Aluminum Frame with Optional ADA Grade 2 Braille

ADA Braille Name Plates for Cubicles in Orange County CA

Did you know that you need to feature ADA-compliant signage if the cubicles are bolted into the floor or ceiling of your office? In this case, they are considered permanent fixtures, which you are unlikely to change. While you do not need to identify the name of the occupant in Grade 2 Braille, you must number each cubicle and assign it an ADA-compliant number.

We recommend the installation of an extruded aluminum frame that we can outfit with optional Braille 2. By adding an easy-to-change-out non-glare lens, you make it easy for passersby to identify the name of the occupant quickly. Most importantly, our technicians can use custom colors that are ideally suited for your branding of the product. Besides that, you might choose a broad range of sizes that work well with your interior décor.

Custom-Shaped Sign with Changeable Insert

Office Cubicle Name Plates in Orange County CA

Does your branding include a geometric shape? If so, consider the investment in custom-shaped signs that echo this form. They work with paper or card stock inserts. If you prefer something a little more permanent, we suggest the use of customized acrylic inserts that look professional and work well with your overall design.

These custom signs are easy to install with pins to the cubicle. In the alternative, they can be mounted to the wall. These signs rival standard suite signs in design, fabrication, and overall pizzazz.

How to Order Name Signs for Cubicles in Orange County, CA

If the broad range of choices seems overwhelming, you are not alone. With so many options open to you – as well as the opportunity to customize several of these selections – it makes sense to discuss your project with an expert. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation!

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