Giant 3D Brand Logos in Orange County CA
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Giant 3D Brand Logos Great for Promos and Lobbies in Orange County CA!

Three-dimensional signage is an excellent way of capturing the attention of the consumer. The 3D construction makes it easy for the customer’s eye to explore the signage. When you boost the size of the signage, you create a branding one-two punch. This is why more and more companies are adding giant 3D brand logos in Orange County, CA.

Freestanding Logos and Letters Allow for Physical Interaction

Giant 3D Brand Logos in Orange County CA

Envision your customers touching and interacting with this type of display signage. Already, some companies are displaying aluminum letters on their sidewalks in place of monument signs. People walk past these structures and lean against them. However, when you put the letters inside and offer colorful displays, you will have customers who will have their photos taken with them. Is there a better way to spread the word about your brand?

Freestanding Logos Travel with the Team

Giant Logos for Sports Teams in Orange County CA

If you are in charge of a sports team, you want your athletes to be their best. Nothing inspires performance so much as seeing their mascot, team name, and logo. By commissioning freestanding logos that feature all the lettering inside, you succeed in providing this level of inspiration. The sign travels easily with a team to take away the opponent’s home-court advantage.

Mounted 3D Letters for Impressive Lobby Sign Presentations

Giant 3D Lobby Logo Signs Orange County CA

Most clients are already familiar with wall-mounted dimensional letters. However, why not go for the gusto with a different type of setup? Rather than selecting the typical inch-thick structure, go for a three-inch presentation. With sign foam, it is possible to create these types of impressive displays.

We can add metal or acrylic laminates for additional thickness. Besides that, we can paint or add imprinted vinyl with gradient color changes. These are excellent methods for catching the attention of the consumer. Besides that, they completely change the way that your reception area looks.

The letters now dominate the visuals. Therefore, they automatically attract the attention of anyone entering the space. This comes into play when your interior décor supports the signage setup. In this case, the sign must set the tone for other signage solutions. While they are not likely to be as imposing as the lobby sign, they should also feature a 3D presentation or at least a similar color scheme.

How to Order Giant 3D Brand Logos in Orange County, CA

These signs do not shrink into the background. They are the first things your customers notice about your space. Whether you are thinking of putting them in your lobby, in a conference room, or take the signage on the road, we can help. We recommend starting with a site survey. It allows our team to gauge the overall setup of your reception area, which determines where to place the 3D style elements.

During this survey, we show you different design options that could be ideally suited for the space. It gives you a chance to see the sign through the eyes of a customer. It is an excellent way of getting a feel for the way the signage will fit in with your overall setting.

Learn more about your options today, and schedule your design survey with a quick call to our sign shop.