Please Stand Here Social Distancing Floor Decals in Irvine CA

Size. Which size makes sense for your location? When you want to support safe lining up outside, our circular social distancing decals come in 24 inches or 15 inches. We can also fabricate custom sizes. Vinyl social distancing graphics can also be placed on low-pile carpeting.

Material selection. Once again, we customize the product’s fabrication protocol based on the makeup of your flooring. In this way, we can make social distancing floor decals for low-pile carpeting, laminate flooring, concrete, asphalt, tiles, or wood.

Graphics. A round decal featuring footprints is among the most-requested products currently in our inventory. It is a friendly reminder of the rules that now apply at checkout counters and information desks. Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to this design. We also offer elongated line reminders, one-way aisle signage, and similar products.

Choose Social Distancing Floor Graphics That Look Great Months from Now

Everyone hopes that social distancing will only be a short-term requirement. Even so, we offer decals made of durable vinyl that continues to look great month after month. Besides that, it allows for the application of slip-resistant surfacing that adds to the safety of the floor signage. The “Please stand behind this line” floor decals are available in 5″x 36″; or ask us about custom sizes.

Thank you for social distancing floor decals in Orange County CA 1

Companies are ordering these products for immediate use, as well as for the reopening of other venues. Those business owners who are currently changing their layouts to accommodate the distancing can support the new ways that consumers will interact with their brands through the design, fabrication, and installation of COVID-19 floor decals that greet customers when they reopen.

That said, there is a good chance that some offices – particularly those in the medical field – may see social distancing for longer than retailers and other service providers. Moreover, they see a much higher volume of foot traffic than other venues. In this scenario, we recommend thinking for the long term when commissioning your floor decals.

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