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Do Your Lobby Signs In Orange County Attract Attention?

 Your reception area is the first place people see when they enter your venue. Do you know what your lobby says about your organization? Do you think it provides an accurate reflection of what your business stands for? It may be time for you to change things up if your lobby is not building your brand. Thankfully, Caliber Signs & Imaging is one of the top providers of lobby signs in Orange County, CA. To get a good idea of what we can accomplish, check out some of these markers:



Reception area signs are often made of PVC. We enjoy using this material because it is simple for us to route PVC to precisely match the typefaces you use in your branding. For example, when we created a lobby sign for Ignite Health, we were able to perfectly capture their corporate font, including the unique design of the letter g. To ensure you have whatever colors you need, we can paint PVC letters, apply vinyl adhesive films with digital graphics, or print directly onto PVC.



If you are looking for state of the art technology, Hongfa America is the place to go. Because of their focus on staying ahead of the trends, they needed a lobby sign that would custom-lobby-signs-that-define-your-orange-county-business1also project their innovative style. Backlit reception area signs were ideal for their purposes. We began with a large aluminum composite panel that fit snugly into a recess they had in their focal wall. To produce a halo effect against the panel, we installed backlit letters on the panel. Since LEDs are energy efficient, low maintenance, and good for Mother Nature, we use them for our illuminated signs.



Acrylic is affordable and multifaceted, but you do not need to take our word for it. Check out this reception area sign we made for Elements Financial Group. Believe it or not, the word “elements” is not made out of metal. Instead, we achieved the same look by applying a real custom-lobby-signs-that-define-your-orange-county-business4metal alloy laminate to acrylic. This has the same effect at a fraction of the price. If you want a glossy look, acrylic can also be used as a laminate on other substrates. Our expert installers install your letters to look perfect.



These days, companies are increasingly requesting clear acrylic panels for many of the same reasons acrylic letters are valued. You can just see how the letters and logo jump out at you as you look at the sign we produced for Icon Consulting. We did this by applying 3D letters to the panel. To make it pop even more, we installed the finished sign with spacers. The shadow effect created by shining light on the letters is impressive.

custom-lobby-signs-that-define-your-orange-county-business2Basically, we can create any signage you can think of. If you are ready to boost your branding while welcoming clients in, contact the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote on lobby signs in Orange County, CA.