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Custom Signs For Your Irvine CA Business

 Every day, from morning to night, we are bombarded with ads. Due to overexposure, we are often times desensitized to a lot of the marketing we see. In fact, we do not even realize we are viewing advertisements much of the time. Nowadays, you must intrigue potential customers, truly stand out, and make an impact in order for your advertising to be successful. With that in mind, we are going to explore how custom signs for Irvine, CA will help boost your branding.



How many markers do you see for different businesses as you are walking or driving around Irvine? When you visualize these signs, what makes them stand out? It is unlikely that you envision basic, boring generic signage. Instead, custom signs boost name recognition by showcasing your enterprise’s logo and name, achieve the first impression you need to succeed, and draw people in.

We create custom signs to your exacting specifications. You choose the styles, typefaces, materials, graphics, and sizes you need. While putting your business front and center, we ensure the signs shoppers see are an accurate reflection of your organization.

It is clear that you put forth minimal effort when you use generic signs. However, everyone will know that you run a successful establishment that puts the necessary time into its products and services when you have custom designed signs.



The next time you are out and about, please pay special attention to the signs you see. You will find that generic signs are hard to find because your eyes just want to gloss over them. They may have a plain white background and simple black lettering. They contribute to the background noise of life. On the other hand, when you commission a custom sign, you will enjoy improved advertising, control over the impression customers have of your business, freedom to choose specific dimensions, and freedom to personalize your design.

Additionally, a good sign maker will have the software required to design signs that match the logos and colors found on your other marketing materials. Brand consistency relies upon this. You want brand consistency because it increases your brand exposure and makes your company more memorable. Consumers trust your brand when they remember it. And, when they need the products or services you offer, they will go with your company.



The short answer to this is “anything and everything.” We can specifically tailor any marker to fit your needs. Here are some of our most popular custom signs for Irvine, CA:

  • Vehicle graphics and wraps
  • Trade show and other event displays
  • Exterior building signs
  • Monument signs
  • Office and suite signs
  • Illuminated signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Window, wall, and floor graphics
  • Wayfinding markers and directories
  • Fine art prints
  • ADA signs
  • And many more

When you choose custom signs for Irvine, CA, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote if you would like to learn more.