Back Lit Office Sign Orange County

Custom Backlit Reception Area Signs in Orange County, CA

The Caliber Signs & Imaging team frequently helps restaurant owners display their brands. A good example is the classic sign that we did for Carmelita’s rebranding project in Laguna Beach. Recently, the company’s corporate office asked our technicians to come back and design, produce, and install one of our custom backlit reception area signs in Orange County, CA.

Back Lit Office Sign Orange County

An Elegant Lobby Sign Welcomes Visitors to the Restaurant’s Corporate Space

Backlit lobby signs are quickly gaining in popularity. They add unprecedented chic to a focal wall. Besides that, the added illumination renders them independent of any ceiling or wall-mounted light sources. This makes them fantastic marketing and brand-building tools even after business hours when you might have customers walking past your glass doors. Read more about this project on Lobby Signs Irvine.

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