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Buy International’s Reception Area Sign A Success

buy-internationals-reception-area-sign-a-successOnce clients enter your door, you have them! Your services and products will sell themselves at that point, right? Think again. You need to put shoppers in the buying mood if you want to boost your sales. In addition, you have to present an image they can trust. Buy International realized this, so they called in the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging for custom logo lobby signs Irvine, CA consumers would remember.



As you can see, before we arrived, Buy International’s reception area was in need of help. There was just a desk and a bunch of electronics in a room. They needed a lobby sign for a more professional look. They had already approached a couple sign shops for this project. Those shops were not up for the job. The major challenge for this lobby sign was rendering the reverse cut palm tree into the U of the logo. The other sign companies could not come up with a way to reach the level of intricacy Buy wanted. We, however, love a good challenge.



Buy already had a logo. It was our job to match the colors and font with their new reception area sign. For the “International” part of the logo, we used half-inch PVC and painted them the corresponding PMS color. “Buy” also used PVC, but we applied a tropical wet digital print that was cut to the shape of the letters.

Now for the hard part: the palm image in the letter U. At first, we cut the image out using our CNC (computerized numerical control) machine. However, the tool was not small enough to get the fine detail of the palm leaf. So, we had to finish that part by hand.

As you can see, we nailed it! We installed the sign for maximum visual impact on the striking beautiful wood finish of the reception area wall. The colors contrast well, and we perfectly captured the logo. Buy International was ecstatic with the job we did.



You should have signs that set the stage for your clients’ experience as they enter your reception area. Your signage should be cutting edge if you are in the technology sector. Or, if your customers expect a high degree of formality, the materials you choose for your marker should reflect this.

Reception area signs are one of the main reasons Orange County companies call us. With a sign that demonstrated their commitment to customer service, forward thinking attitude, longevity in the trade, and any motto or slogan that is important to buy-internationals-reception-area-sign-a-success3their public image, we help businesses define their corporate identity.

Some of the popular materials are:

  • Vinyl, PVC, or Acrylics – Whether you operate an office with a minimalist design or opt for something more traditional, vinyl, PVC and acrylic markers fit right in.
  • Stone and Wood – Natural materials work well in any office setting that is going for an earthy appearance. Alternative health clinics, wellness spas, and other similar businesses will benefit from stone or wood.
  • Foam – For enterprises that want appealing interior signage but don’t have much money to work with, foam is an inexpensive option.
  • Metal – Signs made from aluminum or other alloys are a must for companies with a long history in their industry.

If you are ready to showcase your company culture with lobby signs for Irvine, CA, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation!