EV Charging Station Signs in Orange County CA

Affordable Electric Vehicle EV Charging Station Signs in Orange County!

Have you noticed that there are continuously more electric vehicle charging stations in and around the OC? Property managers are adding them to attract a new demographic of contemporary tenants. Business owners realize that having a charging station can make their companies more attractive than the competition. If you are installing yours, or have already done so, remember to display affordable EV charging station signs in Orange County, CA.

Case Study: Attractive Aluminum Wall Panels Draw Attention to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Orange County CA EV Charging Station Signs

For this particular project, we fabricated the signs using 0.063” aluminum. The client requested rounded corners and a stark color contrast to call attention to the message. We met this requirement with a white-on-black color palette. Finally, we mounted the signage flush to the wall. By placing a sign at each parking space that accommodates electric vehicle charging, drivers have an easy way of seeing the reserved spots.

Which EV Parking and Charging Signs are Right for Your Property?

EV Charging Station Signs in Irvine CA

Electric vehicle signage does not follow an official template. Therefore, you have much leeway when designing the look for the spaces on your property. What are the messages you want customers or tenants to see?

  • Designate parking space use. While common sense dictates that drivers with gasoline-powered cars will not park in a spot with a charging station, it is always a good idea to over-communicate. Consider adding lettering that says, “parking only for EVs” or “parking only while charging.” The latter ensures that EV drivers do not take up a charging station if they do not need it.
  • Limit parking time. Are you concerned that customers of neighboring businesses are using your charging stations, which takes them away from the shoppers you want to accommodate? We recommend the design of an EV reserved parking sign that spells out a time limit. Examples include one, two, or four-hour limits. If you want to drive home the message that the spaces are reserved, add your company’s name or logo.
  • Place wayfinding signage. If you want to point drivers in the direction of your electric vehicle charging stations, consider signage that incorporates the symbol of an EV station and add arrows. You might also specify that selected parking spaces are reserved for electric vehicles, even if those do not have charging stations.

Choosing Your Affordable EV Charging Station Signs in Orange County, CA

EV Charging Station Signs in Orange County CA

You already know that our technicians can produce these signs using aluminum. The material is durable, looks great, and can be mounted flush to the wall, installed with standoffs, or become part of a post and panel sign. That said, you have other signage options as well.

For example, consider going big and placing larger versions of the signs as wall graphics at the end of the parking spaces. We can also draw more attention to freestanding charging stations with flags that feature the symbol for EV spots. Another choice is the display of pole banners, which give you a chance to feature your branding and marketing information alongside the invitation to drivers to charge their vehicles.

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