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3D Letter And Logo Building Sign For Security Manufacturing Firm In Irvine CA

3D letter and logo signs are an excellent solution whether you are looking to create a lasting impression on the exterior or interior of your building. Also known as raised or dimensional letters, these signs provide a distinguished appearance when installed directly above the entrance to your venue. Dahua Technology understood this, so they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for 3D letters and logo building signs in Irvine, CA.



With US headquarters on Hubble in Irvine, Dahua Technology is one of the world’s top security equipment manufacturers with the second largest market share in the industry. They have a portfolio with more than 440 patents covering intrusion hardware, advanced video surveillance software and equipment, intelligent building management systems, access control hardware and software, and more. They have established marketing, service, and sales networks across the globe with offices in Oceania, greater Asia, Africa, Europe, and mainland China.

When a high-tech company with such a global reach came to us for 3D building letters in Irvine, CA, we were honored to be of service. Dahua’s Irvine office already had exterior signage, but they wanted another marker so people could see their branding from all angles. We had just the solution.


During an initial consultation, we learned exactly what Dahua had in mind for the project. They wanted a 3D letter and logo sign that essentially matched an existing sign. To show them exactly what they were getting, we created art proofs for their approval. They confirmed that our plans were spot on, so we got down to work.

We started with PVC letters that were routed to the shape of Dahua’s logo. We then added a thin layer of acrylic laminate that perfectly matched the colors used in their branding. This acrylic gave the sign a sophisticated glossy look that is ideal for trend-setting organizations. Lastly, we worked with the client’s schedule to install the marker at a time when drilling into the façade of the building would not cause a disruption to their work. In the end, they were impressed with their finished signage.


In addition to PVC and acrylic, we can also make your 3D letters and logos out of aluminum, plastic, bronze, and high-density urethane (HDU). We also provide a number of fabrication and mounting techniques. For example, flat-cut letters are clean looking, make it easy for clients to read the name of your service provider or company, and they have crisp contours. We install the letters with spacers to give them a dimensional appearance.

3D letters do not typically come with their own lighting source. Yet, we can enhance the appearance of your letters by adding spotlighting or landscape lighting to create an elegant play of light and shadows.

If you want to add 3D letters to the exterior of your building to boost brand awareness and invite customers in, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote.