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There are many steps in a process to consider when buying a building sign, too many for a single article. Last month, we covered in detail the first 5 Tips and we here include the remaining 5 Tips in Part 2 of the article.

6.  Illuminated or Non-illuminated sign – that is the question!

    • Illuminated signs are always necessary when your business is open to customers after hours of darkness. If your business is not open to customers during the late evening, but you prefer to advertise or brand the business to a visible ocean of traffic, then this is another good reason to invest in the best type of sign with eye catching illumination.
    • Most commercial type businesses do not have illuminated signs. Either they have no to little customer visitation after dark or they are located in an area with little evening traffic
    • Remember if you need an illuminated sign, you will also need an electrical power line installed with timer controls before the sign is installed
    • Illuminated signs today are mostly LED lit but another option is to buy non-illuminated sign letters and install lamps on a goose neck style fixture that will save money in the long run.

7.  Do you have a valid Business License and Certificate of Occupancy?

    • To be able to get a sign permit, the city requires you have on record these documents, including any tenant improvement permits. They cannot process a permit application without them

8. Good, Better or Best

    • Pricing of signs depends has many factors to consider such as type of material, number of letters and logo in the name, type of lighting, or height and size of the sign
    • Caliber can quote you the most optimum sign to fit your budget with a balance between the above factors with alternative options
    • Other factors to consider with sign pricing is the longevity of the sign – how long it will last, warranty, workmanship, scope of service, speed of service, payment terms.
    • We have answers to all these questions

9.  On the Day of Installation

    • Ensure the Landlord or Property Management has the installers Insurance documents, if required
    • Find out if there are limitations in the working hours for the installers so they can be prepared to complete the work in the required timeframe
    • Provide access to the interior of the building, if necessary for electrical work, and outside access below the sign location such as a parking bays.

10.  What are my Next Steps?

    • Caliber Signs is offering you a document we call “Exterior Building Signs – Next Steps”. It helps outline each step in this process as well as lead times so you can share with your team and prepare in advance.
    • Here is the link: https://calibersi.com/non-lit-building-signs/
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